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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me, the Daring Baker?

In my great and vast internet exploits I have kept running into blogs referencing "The Daring Bakers." Delicious and tempting photos and descriptions of dazzling treats were posted about monthly and I decided that I too must participate, and so I joined the Daring Bakers!

My first challenge was to be a flourless chocolate cake.. the recipe sounded new, exotic and RICH. I was jazzed to attempt this first challenge. Off I went to the grocery store and assembled my ingrdients.. I had high hopes and was optimistic about my first daring endeavor.

All my expectations crashed and burned upon tasting my first daring concoction.. what did it taste like? Chocolate flavored chalk... AGH! This was not to be paired with the freshly produced ice cream from my Cuisinart.

I know I must have overcooked the poor cake, I couldn't stand to try more than a bite of this, and was not about to inflict it upon anyone else. I do look forward to next month's challenge!